How to enhance the educational process for all stakeholders


Dr. Demond Means

Dr. Demond A. Means has served as an administrator in various positions  since 1997. The last 12 years, Dr. Means has served as a Superintendent of two different school districts. He has focused throughout his career to seek transformation of the learning environment for all students to ensure every student has access to equity and social justice in the classroom and beyond.



Matt R.

Dr. Means is a very inspiring educator. I would trust him to lead professional development for my staff anytime. He has made a positive impact on our school community.

Sharon W.

Demond is an AMAZING presenter!!! He is motivating and passionate about the work of implementing educational equity in our schools. His insight, strategies and practical advice is unparalleled in the diversity, equity, and inclusion industry.

David K.

Dr. Demond Means is by far one of the foremost experts in equity and leadership in education. My faculty and school community has greatly benefited from his meaningful professional development and leadership.



In the Classroom

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