Community Mosaic Workshops

The Center for Equity and Leadership understands that schools are important to a community. We also understand that schools operate within a sophisticated social web that ties together several organizations, and governmental agencies. In the Center for Equity and Leadership’s Community Mosaic Workshops, we work closely with local governmental agencies and other organizations committed to developing a community-wide approach to diversity, equity and inclusion. The process of bringing together elected officials and leaders from the nonprofit, faith-based, health, law enforcement, and social services sectors to develop equity-focused deliverables that benefit all members of a community is complex. We have experienced facilitators who have successfully coordinated, collaborated, and delivered to their communities enhanced services rooted in equity. 


Deliverables are developed to meet the needs of a community after a complete analysis of diversity, equity, and inclusion needs and aspirations. A target goal of the community mosaic is to (1) create common definitions related to DEI, (2) craft complementary policies, rules, and laws that support DEI, and (3) develop a community-wide strategic plan that measures accomplishments in the area of DEI efforts.

Workshop in Progress