Equity Ombudsman 

Under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, every state is required to identify an Ombudsman to work with private and public school districts to monitor and enforce equitable services. The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has established Ombudsman services for both public and private schools. 


The equity ombudsman service offered through the Center for Equity and Leadership is an intermediate step before engaging the Wisconsin DPI, with the goal of settling any issue before involving the state’s governing education agency. 

Boys at School

Further, the equity ombudsman is a resource to address alleged or sensitive racial issues that a school is working through and requires another perspective. In the unique situation where a family, staff member or community member alleges non-equitable treatment or services from your school, consider the Equity Ombudsman service offered through the Center for Equity and Leadership


This service is also offered to families seeking perspective before deciding if intervention is necessary to ensure equitable services for their student(s) from their school.